How does this work?
  1.  You fill out the form on the "get started tab"
  2. You recieve an email showing 2 or 3 of each of the following:  flight options, accomidation options, transportation options, and a couple graphs showing pricing differnces.
  3.  You choose which option you like best.
  4. The price is verified and you choose whether or not you want trip suggestions for packing and/or activities upon arrival.
  5.  You recive a personal phone call from your agent verifying the information you selected and you make the payment online.
  6. You vacation, and you don't worry.

How much should I put on the budget tab?
Well that depends, you can spend as little as under $1000, or as much as you want. Just be aware that certain destinations may be more spendy than others.

What if my trip cannot be planned according to my budget and preferences because the prices just do not match up?
We can do a couple things, either give you an option for a shorter trip, or adjust your accomidations to be more budget friendly.

How will I know that I will stay in places that are "nice"?
All of our accomidations will be based on user review. Although this is very subjective, we will state the rating when we give you the option.

How much do you charge?
I charge only 5% of the total cost of your trip,  saving you hundreds of dollars and countless hours of stressing over choices,.

Do I have a time limit to email you back on my choices?
Yes and no, You do not have to reply immediatly, but the prices I quote you may sell out or change by the day. It is recommended that you email me quickly in order to stay within the price range quoted.

Can I purchase travel insurance?
Absolutly, it is always offered with an additional price  in your package options.

What if I miss a flight?
You will be given all the information for each airline you book through, but that is between you and the airline. All cancellations, missed flights, and other incidentals not covered through your travel insurance (if you opted to book that) are your liabitlity after you finalize your purchase.

About Us
      With over 10 years of travel experience,  I have learned many things about how to do it right. I've learned what can consume your budget and how to avoid it. As an avid blog reader and travel blog writer, I not only learn from my own mistakes, but from others. The more I talk to other travelers, it became apparant to me that not everyone enjoys the research end of it as much as I do. As a result, many people are paying way too much for their trips and have to avoid traveling as often as they would like. I'm here to fix that issue. With my help, I hope to bring the joys of travel to more people without the stress.